Why 'Morris Mountains'?

As we passionate about everything that we offer, we know that we can provide you with the best experience possibly, right from the yoga to food with all in-between. As it is a very small business, we pride ourselves on giving that personal touch, and you will go away feeling that you truly have shared an experience with people who do ‘walk the talk’ and not just put on a show. 

Do you need to be an experienced yogi?

We like to think that there is no limited to your experience as a yogi, even if you have never stepped on a yoga mat before we welcome you to step on ours. The whole idea of the retreat is to give you an experience that you will take away with you, so if that means this being your first stepping stone to starting yoga or just like combining it with your day to day activities then this is the retreat for you. 

What is the style of yoga?

The style of yoga is whatever style happens on the mat at the time. The primary style that is taught is Hatha yoga, but some people may find that their body needs to stay in a certain position for a while then thats absolutely fine. Because we will be doing some sort of walking over the weekend, certain positions are held for a bit longer to be beneficial. 

Is it ok to come along?

Yes of course!! We think it is great that people get out and do these things, and we appreciate that just because you enjoy something, it does not mean your circle of friends enjoy the same thing. So know that you will be welcomed as a solo traveller, and you never know, you might meet some new friends. 

Are non-yoga partners welcome?

Yes of course, as with solo travellers, we appreciate that partners do not necessarily enjoy the same things so yes non-yoga partners are welcome to come along (they can even get a treatment while the classes are on 😉 ). 

What food is available?

It is all inclusive so you will be provided with all meals from when you arrive on Friday night to lunch time on Sunday. It will be packed lunch for during the day. Occasionally, we do stop off at cafes on route on our walk so this is at your own cost. 

Do you cater for dietary requirements?

We are aware that lots of people have different needs when it comes to the food they eat so we take that into full consideration. It is all made from scratch so we know what goes in it. It is vegan, gluten free, lactose free and nut free. If there is anything specific you need catering for then we are happy to discuss this with you so you can get the best experience possible/ 

Can you bring alcohol?

You are more than welcome to bring alcohol on the retreats, we just like to make you aware that we have the right not to take you out walking if we feel that you are still under the influence the next day, due to safety reasons.

What to bring?

It will depend on which retreat you have decided to join us on as some of the activities require slightly different things, but here is a general suggested kit list, you will be notified of any extras needed.

what are the timings for the retreats?

For a normal weekend (Friday-Sunday) the retreat starts at 5pm Friday (can arrive from 4pm) and we finish at 1pm on the Sunday. The timings in-between depend on what we get up to. 

For the bank holiday weekends (Friday-Monday the retreat starts at 5pm Friday (can arrive from 4pm) and finish at 1oam on Monday morning. The timings in-between depend on what we get up to.